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About Us

Who are we ? is founded in Sri Lanka on 25th 10 2020. All our members are experienced YouTubers. After a long time of researches. We found many YouTubers quite Youtubing because they can’t get enough subscribers and watch hours to monetize their channel. So we have come up with a solution for this problem. That is a subforsub service.

But we did not stop there. We studying YouTubers’ questions and do a lot of researches every day. We all know the problems that new YouTubers face. Every time we identify a problem our talented team tries to make a solution for it.

We can’t keep our services if we don’t catch up with youtube policy changes. Every time a youtube policy change comes out, our team checks those by one, and if any of those can be a problem to our services we charge our services according to the new policy.

We are keeping our every service up to date. Also, we try to increase our user count because with more users we can give more subscribers and views

The basic services that we provide are growing subscribers and growing views. Any youtube channel wants 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours to monetize. Both of them should be grain in 12 months. Even you pass that subscriber and view goal more views and subscribers still matter for a youtube channel.

We have come a long way from our beginnings. First research for new subscriber count increasing program, then create it as a web service. We also made a watch hour increasing program and add it to our website. Our current research will lead to another helpful service.

SubForSub is the best way for Youtubers to growing their Channel. Our community growing day by day in number. Every user can communicate with each other. In the Q&A section, we have answered many questions that users ask.

Our all services are completely free. The only thing you should do is support other YouTubers. Every time we try to satisfy our users. You can contact us via this form

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Our Team

Hasitha Priyasad Wijerathna

Consultant Of SubForSub
Software Engineer at Woodalls

Sanka Maduranga

Web Developer

Harsha De Pinto

Consultant Of SubForSub
CEO/Director Z-Tech Digital

Our Goal!

Our main goal is to help new YouTubers by giving them fair YouTube Subscribers and Views. Subscribers 1000 and watch hours 4000 for free. Youtuber should earn these subscribers and view count in 12 months to monetize his or their youtube channel. Also, Youtuber needs to link an Adsense account. We want a new YouTuber to succeed in any of these steps so He or She can contact us and ask anything. Another goal is to serve our users for free. Unlike other paid boosting services we try to give our users what they want without costing them anything. We only want your satisfaction. We won’t create a risk-free platform. Using paid boosting services is a high risk. A few youtube accounts subscribe to many youtube channels in paid boosting services. After subscribing users’ channels don’t get any view from them. YouTube has ways to identify these types of fake subscribers. Some YouTubers get ban permanently because of those. Our services risk-free than their because every subscriber and every minute you get by other YouTubers here. We also force them to watch others’ content. We like to see YouTubers step to the top of success. We think after monetization, they keep their earnings as motivation and try to earn money by publishing quality content.

How does work?

Our service is a subfosub service which means you subscribe to other users’ channels and they will subscribe to your channel. Same thing with views. We have added a point system. When you subscribe or watch other users’ channels you earn points. When you got a subscription or view you losing a point. So in this way you can not just earn subscribers and do nothing. You do not want to worry that they will unsubscribe you later. Everythings fine we have a special API for check channels after you subscribe to any channel. Our API is programmed by talented developers. Any user can't lie to that. But you don’t have to wait for us. You can scan your subscriber’s list. After a few days, if you have a decrease in your subscribers you can see those who have subscribed to you but unsubscribed later. Users must create an account first. Creating our user account is very easy. You only need to do is insert the first name, last name, email address, country, and mobile number. Then you can go to your dashboard. After creating an account you can add your YouTube channel to it. For that, you should insert your channel name, Channel link, and channel id. You can add your videos by inserting the video name and video link. All these services are completely free. No monthly subscriptions. You do not pay for anything here. So subscribe and watch other channels and earn points. That is the only thing you must do.

Keep in mind

Before you earn all these benefits you must know this is illegal work. This against YouTube guidelines and policies. Offering to subscribe to another creator’s channel solely in exchange for them subscribing to your channel, also known as "SubforSub," is not allowed. Creators who offer such exchanges risk losing subscriber numbers, receiving a Terms of Use strike, or even having their channel terminated. Rowing your channel should be done by creating quality content that entices viewers to subscribe and not through artificial or coordinated exchanges. You should try to earn subscribers and watch hours the right way. This way may be hard but it is a good way. You can monetize your channel with our service. But then you should upload videos and get impressions to earn money. More views mean more money. If you using our services that’s means you can’t wait until your site grew naturally. This laziness and painlessness will affect you after monetization. Keep in mind you must earn 100$ first to withdraw your cash. To earn that money ads should be shown when people watch your videos. So more views mean much money. Also, we show ads on our website. We offer our services free but several ads will be shown. You can click them or leave them.